Spare Parts

The very nature of pumping solids means that destructive wear on internal parts is an inevitable part of the life cycle of your slurry pumps.

Managing and reducing that wear is what Schurco Slurry® does for our customers.

Schurco Slurry® manufactures quality metal and elastomer replacement parts fully compatible with Warman® pumps, and provides value to customers through fair pricing and lead times that are some of the lowest in the market. We stock millions of dollars of pumps and parts globally, all of which are interchangeable with Warman® slurry pump parts. We maintain a global distribution network that stands ready to serve your process needs.

All parts compatible with the Warman® slurry pumps have been rigorously reverse engineered using FaroArm® technology with 2D 3-D modeling. First article inspection involves comparison to OEM parts followed by fit testing. All impellers have been performance tested to certify them against OEM performance. Schurco Slurry manufactures replacement parts for other manufacturers as we do our own: with technical expertise, quality, fair pricing, and product availability for the end user.

View which Warman® slurry pumps are compatible with Schurco Slurry®: