Mission, Vision, History


To serve global mining, processing, and general industries with trustworthy and reliable pumps, parts, and service.

Schurco exists to provide unmatched engineering excellence, low lead times through global inventory stock, attentive customer service, and cost effectiveness for our customers. In a field dominated by large and complex multi-billion dollar corporations, Schurco is a 100% American owned and operated company offering a streamlined bottom-line conscious engineering approach to customers.


Manufacture and deliver the most trusted slurry pump on the market with the best customer service in the industry.


Since 1975, Schurco has been a driving force in the pumping industry. Originally founded to be a technically advanced repair

and machine shop for critical pumping equipment in mills around the country, Schurco evolved by expanding its capabilities over time to the full-service slurry pump manufacturing company that customers know today.


Creation of the Company, S & H Machinery Corporation (S & H) founded 1975 by Frederick “Fred” Schur and John Harris in 25,000 SF building in Jacksonville, Florida. The Company’s main business is the repair of rotating equipment in pulp & paper industry.


John Harris retires and sells his shares to Fred Schur.


S & H expands by purchasing an additional 20,000 SF in the same building.


S & H acquires Smith Machine in Lyons,Georgia, and moves operations to S & H headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.


S & H purchases the remaining 20,000 SF of its building.


S & H acquires Fabralloy Fabricators in Jacksonville, Florida and their 34,000 SF facility.

S & H opens an 8,000 SF office in Lakeland, Florida to support the large phosphate industry in Polk County.


S & H acquires Central Components
in PoncaCity, Oklahoma to further bolster
pump part sales, a growing sector of their
overall business.


S & H acquires Service for Industry (SFI) in
Zachary, Louisiana and their 55,000 SF


Nicholas “Nick” Schur acquires all assets of S & H Machinery Corporation and renames the company, Schur & Company, Inc.

Schur & Company restructures through asset sales and closures, and centralizes all business operations to Jacksonville, Florida to focus on the fastest growing sector of the business: slurry pump and component manufacturing and sales.


The Company acquires an adjacent two-acre site for expansion plans.


Construction of a brand new 35,000 SF manufacturing and warehouse space along with 8,000 SF of new corporate offices.


Schur and Company rebrands as Schurco Slurry to better align with the company’s market trajectory and manufactured products.


In a major expansion to keep up with rapid growth in slurry pump sales and component manufacturing, Schurco Slurry acquires a 4.5-acre site with 81,000 SF of manufacturing and office space to become the new corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility.


A Latin American sales office is opened in Chihuahua, Mexico to support the large mining markets in Mexico and Central America.


An additional Latin American sales office is opened in Santiago, Chile to provide direct support to the mining markets in western half of South America.


Schurco Slurry acquired a Pumping Solution footprint in Johannesburg, South Africa to leverage proximity to key supply chain elements as well as adding intellectual property assets and new sales support channels internationally.


Schurco Slurry Africa commenced with the promotion of Schurco Slurry products with a global brand and market presence.