Material selections are incredibly important when it comes to addressing wear issues in heavy-duty slurry pumps.

Schurco has researched and fielded a wide selection of materials for all wearing pump components, and continues to develop more as technology evolves and market demands change.

Color-coded metal cast parts make identifying various metallurgies simple and easy. Call our offices today if you should have any question regarding your materials of construction, or if you think applying different materials may enhance your pump life. Schurco casts various high-chrome irons for many different application purposes: wear resistance, corrosion resistance, and a combination of both.

Many different elastomers are also available for an incredibly wide variety of purpose-built applications: erosion resistance, corrosion resistance, heat tolerance and many other desirable physical and chemical properties. Schurco Slurry application engineers have the experience to specify the right material for your application.

Other pump components also have advanced material options to increase wear life even further in troublesome applications, such as hard-coated shaft sleeves, polymeric lantern restrictors, and much more. One call to Schurco Slurry can solve many wear-prone pumping issues in both Schurco Slurry and Warman pumps!