Pump News

February 26, 2016

Materials make a difference in slurry pump spare parts

Every foreman, planner, technician and operator across all industries knows that material selections are of huge importance in slurry pumps. Selecting the right materials for your spare parts is something that we at Schurco Slurry take very seriously, and we work closely with our customers to find the right material specifications for the job. Whether it is the standard 27% high-chrome white irons, known for their superior wear resistance, natural rubber-lined pumps and impellers, or specialty coatings on sleeves and other wear parts, Schurco Slurry has a solution for your application.

Schurco specializes in finding and bringing to market solutions for our customers that increase availability and reduce downtime and ongoing maintenance costs. One such of these special material developments is Schurco’s hard-coated shaft sleeves. These sleeves have a Rockwell hardness many times harder than the industry standard 420 SS hardened materials, which typically equates to double the life expectancy of the upgraded part over the standard.
Not only does this reduce the long-term material cost for the component, but repair labor and packing usage is significantly lowered as well.

Several key steps go into manufacturing Schurco Slurry proprietary wear-resistant sleeves.

  • We machine the base sleeve from any alloy (typically 316 SS)
  • A proprietary coating, whose chief components are a nickel-chrome-boron matrix, is thermo-sprayed onto the substrate at an elevated temperature to create an initial surface bond
  • The metals are then fused by heating the coating and substrate together to over 1,900 °F
  • Finish grinding brings the sleeve into tolerance before it heads to our quality assurance group for final acceptance

Thousands of these hard-coated sleeves have made their way into Schurco Slurry® pumps, Warman® slurry pumps and many other slurry pumps and process pumps around the world. Find out if Schurco Slurry sleeves can improve your process today by sending us a request using the form at the bottom of this page, or Contact Us.