Pump News

June 13, 2022

Slurry pumps for frac sand

Hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking”, has been the backbone of the American oil and natural gas boom of the previous decade. Domestic production of these natural resources veritably boom with old reserves and new production stimulated by this technique of increasing well output.

The science behind fracking is well-understood, and has been improved upon by the various oilfield service companies over many decades. Recently demand for this type of well stimulation has been put into practice on a wide cross-section of oilfields. Additionally, newer techniques require a significant amount of evenly sized silica sand with high crush values and sphericity.

As technology and implementation strategies evolve, the requirements for performing the “frac” change as well. More high-quality silica sand is needed than ever before for fracking, and Schurco Slurry has stepped up to deliver more and better equipment. Reliability and uptime performance are critical in production plants where tonnage drives the day, and Schurco has focused on in-service reliability as well as spare part availability to ensure that downtime is limited to the shortest possible window.

Schurco 10″ x 8″ cyclone feed pump for UFR

Heavy-duty rubber lined Schurco Slurry pumps are designed to deliver long-lasting service life in frac sand plants. Large impeller diameters with high-efficiency designs coupled with dry-gland expeller seals that eliminate the need for costly seal water make Schurco Slurry the optimal choice for processing frac sand around your plant. Schurco pumps have been employed in cyclone feeds, ultra-fines recovery (UFR), recessed plate and frame filter press feeds, belt-press feeds, tailings disposal (clarifier or thickener underflow), and even process water pumps! If hydrotransport is required in a frac sand plant, there is a Schurco Slurry pump to do the job.

Schurco understands the importance of continuous production, and how costly and damaging to frac sand production metrics downtime can be. Schurco Slurry pumps are designed to offer the longest service life, while also employing a simple to maintain design. If you can turn a wrench, you can work on a Schurco pump!
With spare parts on the shelf and experienced support staff standing by 24×7, we stand ready to be your partner in this growing and fast-paced industry. Call our offices today to find out how we can improve your pumping performance!