P Series Chrome-Iron Dewatering Pump

Schurco P Series are designed to provide exceptional performance in high head mine dewatering as well as general dewatering applications.

Single pumps can achieve heads over 50% higher than standard slurry pumps. These dewatering pumps are ideal for dirty water and light slurry (slurry-specific gravities of roughly 1.05), and provide the end user with the ultimate in reliability.

P Series Profile

Discharge diameters 4” to 6” (100mm to 150mm)

Heads through 420ft (128m)

Flow rates through 2,250 gpm (510 m3/h)

Casing pressure tolerance 300psig (2,020kPa)

P Series Features

Wet End

Impeller – Double volute design to reduce radial loads, and thrust reduction impeller design to reduce axial thrust loads, thus enhancing bearing life.

Casing – Wet-end components are manufactured in wear-resistant alloys to suit the application, providing these pumps with unique wear advantages over many similar pumps on the market.


Expeller (Centrifugal Seal) – no external sealing water required where applicable
Stuffing Box – flushed gland sealing with braided packing and a lantern ring
Mechanical Seals

Bearing Assembly

Cartridge-style bearing housing allows for removal from pump and assembly in controlled environment

Oversized shaft diameters and reduced overhang in the wet end contribute to long life and reliability in the field

Oil bath lubrication for higher operating speeds against the standard grease lubrication in other assemblies

Frame and Shaft

Designed for front pull-out or back pull-out dismantling of the frame and shaft assembly from the casing, which remains in place, connected to the intake and discharge pipework. This enables a rapid replacement of frame and shaft assembly with a standby unit, while leaving the pipework undisturbed.

Selected Applications
  • mine dewatering (acidic or particle contamination)
  • low density/high head tailings
  • process liquids in alumina refineries
  • chemical slurries
  • effluent treatment plants
  • sugar industry
  • plant water