Pump News

January 5, 2022

L Series

With a full range of sizes (4” [100mm] through 22” [550mm]) and configurations, these pumps offer you a complete package to solve your slurry pumping problem. They are highly efficient and designed to deliver large volumes at lower heads, typically below 200ft (60m) total dynamic head.

They are designed to be durable and wear-resistant, but, when pumping slurry, wear and maintenance is inevitable. Lucky for you, we have a large inventory of spare parts to replace worn-down parts in all Schurco Pumps, as well as other brands like Warman Pumps.

In addition to our horizontal pumps, we offer our V-series vertical cantilever pump. This pump is primarily used in sumps and low pits for cleanup or effluent. Vertical cantilever pumps from Schurco not only provide excellent wear life properties but also operate efficiently to further reduce operating costs. These vertical slurry pumps can be fully elastomer lined or hard-metal fitted. There are no submerged bearings or packing with a unique high-capacity double suction design. Optional recessed impeller and suction agitator are available. The innovative product design and widely configurable range help our customers reduce costs and increase operational flexibility.

We are here to help wherever possible with any technical questions you may have. Our head office is located in Jacksonville, Florida, and the Schurco team has over 45 years of experience in the pump industry! This means that no matter what your question or problem may be, we are here to help you with it!