Pump News

March 26, 2020

COVID-19 – An update on the present situation

Dear customers, business partners and colleagues,

We at Schurco Slurry are following the rapid spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, and the associated global impact on people and the economy very closely. We have been quick to take measures to protect our employees, while safely maintaining our operational capability.

In assessing our business practices and the needs of our customers in industries that have been designated as essential around the world, we are remaining operational with appropriate safeguards during this trying time. Our valued employees have been given direction to remain safe and follow all standard WHO and CDC social distancing guidelines within our factory and office workplaces. Personnel with complicating health factors are advised to follow the latest self-isolation advice from relevant health organizations and work remotely if needed. While we do remain open for business, we have closed our doors for any outside visitation to limit any local spread of the virus. Though this will be a difficult time for us all, we are confident that we will overcome the challenges ahead.

Our robust inventory practices to date have prepared Schurco Slurry for this event, and we have thus far not seen any impact to our ability to quickly and effectively serve the needs of our global customer base. While global supply chains have been disrupted for most manufacturers around the world, we are working diligently with our domestic partners to maintain ready supply of essential components to ensure valuable and critical uptime for our customers’ operations, which include power plants and other essential industrial processes.

At this time, we have restricted most business travel to critically requested visits, but remain open to all video- and tele-conferencing ability as needs arise. We are working diligently with all our logistics partners to maintain a steady chain of supply up and downstream for our products so that few if any service interruptions occur.

Dear customers, partners and colleagues, we would like to thank you very much for the trust you place in us – especially in the challenging times we are currently experiencing.

Our sales and service staff are always available to answer your questions whether by phone or email, 24/7. Stay safe and healthy! We are all in this together, and are looking forward to the opportunity to return to business as usual as soon as safely possible.

The Schurco Slurry Team
Jacksonville, Florida